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“Engineering Success…it’s what we do.”

The Joe Ng Group of Companies was originally established as a limited company in 1980 in Ontario, Canada, as Joe Ng Engineering Ltd.

Company founder Joe Ng was born in China but moved to Hong Kong at the age of 12 to join his father. He and four other boys made the journey by floating on a pillowcase filled with ping pong balls until they were picked up by a fisherman.

Joe moved to Canada in 1968 to study engineering at the University of New Brunswick. After earning a degree in Electrical Engineering, he settled in Hamilton, Ontario, where he founded Joe Ng Engineering primarily to serve the steel industry.

As the original company grew and developed, so did its engineering and consulting division. Its range of professional engineering services for public and industrial clients became increasingly diversified.

Joe Ng Engineering branched out into China in the early 1980s, initially with refinery relocations and later with coal gasification projects. It has since successfully completed numerous design and supply contracts in China ranging from $1 million to $40 million.

In 1994, the company restructured to reflect its growth with the formation of JNE Consulting Ltd., which was established as a full-service multi-disciplinary engineering services firm serving a wide range of industries.

JNE Consulting maintains a staff of 350-400 professionals worldwide, comprised of engineers, technologists, designers, construction managers and support staff, augmented with contract and subcontract staff to meet the fluctuating demands on its services.

Today The JNE Group of Companies consists of Joe Ng Engineering, JNE Consulting, JNE Automation, JNE Power, and JNE Chemicals. With 350 to 400 employees working in more than 20 countries, The JNE Group of Companies maintains offices in Canada, the U.S. and China.







The JNE Group of Companies is committed to upholding the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), and has developed policies to reflect this commitment.  The JNE Group of Companies Accessibility Policy, Emergency Response Policy, Statement of Commitment, and Multi-Year Accessibility Plan are available to any interested parties upon request.


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