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The JNE Group of Companies was originally established as a limited company in 1980 in Ontario, Canada, as Joe Ng Engineering Ltd., founded primarily to serve the steel industry.

As the original company grew and developed, so did its engineering and consulting division. Its range of professional engineering services for public and industrial clients became increasingly diversified. Joe Ng Engineering branched out into China in the early 1980s, initially with refinery relocations and later with coal gasification projects. It has since successfully completed numerous design and supply contracts in China ranging from $1 million to $40 million.

In 1994, the company restructured to reflect its growth with the formation of JNE Consulting Ltd., which was established as a full-service multi-disciplinary engineering services firm serving a wide range of industries. JNE Consulting maintains a staff of 350-400 professionals worldwide, comprised of engineers, technologists, designers, construction managers and support staff, augmented with contract and subcontract staff to meet the fluctuating demands on its services.

Today, The JNE Group of Companies consists primarily of JNE Consulting, JNE Automation, JNE Power, and JNE Environmental. Our global headquarters are in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and our United States headquarters are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Joe Ng, Founder and Chair of The JNE Group of Companies

Message from Joe Ng

Innovation is the key to success for The JNE Group of Companies. That means exploring new ideas and opening our eyes to developments and best practices from around the world.

The JNE Group of Companies was established to help its people achieve success for themselves and for our clients through flexibility, responsiveness, and specialization.

For more than a quarter century, our group of companies have succeeded based on some time-honoured values: Honesty. Hard work. Integrity.

Through the ups and downs of growing from one employee to more than 350 employees working in more than 20 countries, these principles remain the core of our business, and we believe they are the reason for our success.

Success can mean many different things. For The JNE Group of Companies, it means that our team has delivered on, or exceeded our customers’ needs. It can’t be any other way because our team is only successful when our clients are successful.

To engineer success requires vision, the right team, the right expertise and most importantly, the right clients. We have been very fortunate over the years to have wonderful clients, many of whom have grown into long-term partners. What a tremendous honour to be awarded ongoing projects with a client. It means we have impressed. It means we have been successful.

Our work is outstanding because of the team we field. To achieve our mission to provide the highest quality engineering in a timely, flexible and economic manner, we need the right team members and the right structure.

Our team is highly skilled, experienced and innovative. We are very proud of their accomplishments and the way they approach challenges from day to day.

For our clients it means having a true partner, competitive rates and experienced and specialized teams – from concept through to engineering, procurement, construction and project management services.

Our team has the expertise and innovation to engineer success for every project.

Joe Ng, Founder and Chair of The JNE Group of Companies
Joe Ng